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The Barefoot Travellers!

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Hi, we are Larch and Alan, just two regular 50-somethings who happen to have a yen for travelling. With their own businesses, family, friends, a dog called Izzy (who comes on some of our European adventures) and 5 chickens, we try to balance our home life with our passion for seeing new places and revisiting favourite ones seeking out new adventures. 

For many years I have been writing about our travels in my head, always planning to set up a blog and write it all down, but have let work, life and stuff (and a fear of being judged) get in the way.

Now, as empty nesters and with a portable business or two, we travel as much as we can, from short breaks in the UK and Europe to longer stays further afield. 

Join us as we share our travel experiences, dreams, tips and the challenges of being older, but not necessarily wiser!

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