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The Barefoot Travellers!

join us on our adventures as we move our lives around the world



Hi, I'm Larch, avid traveller, blogger and with my partner, family, friends, a dog called Izzy (who comes on some of our European adventures) and 13 chickens, I try to balance my home life with my passion for seeing new places, revisiting favourite ones and seeking out new adventures.

Alan, my partner (what do you call your partner/boyfriend/other half when you are over 50 but not married to them???), runs Clearview Drones, and we travel with his precious DJI Phantom 4 Pro Drone Camera as hold luggage. He will sometimes appear on here, but he is mainly a backseat Barefoot Traveller!

Now, as an empty nester and with a portable business or three, I travel as much as I can, from short breaks in the UK and Europe to longer stays further afield. 

Join me as I share my travel experiences, dreams, tips and the challenges of being older, but not necessarily wiser!



Larch and Alan in Bali with an armful of candyfloss

2 thoughts on “About The Barefoot Travellers

  1. hiii this is ur friend from Delhi, India
    #Great time with u both guys

    1. Hi Richie, it was great to meet you in Delhi!

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