Relax at the Air Panas Banjar Hot Springs

RELAX AT THE Air Panas Banjar, Hot Springs

The sacred Air Panas Hot Springs of Banjar is a short 5km drive into the hills from the centre of Lovina. Set in lush landscaped tropical gardens, there are three public pools and one private.

Air Panas - Banjur Hot Springs
Air Panas - Banjar Hot Springs

The eight stone-carved naga (which are mythical dragon-like creatures) pour warm sulphurous water into the rectangular upper pool which in turn flows through the mouths of five more nagas into the largest square pool below. To the side is the third and smallest pool which has 3 spouts about 4m high which will give you a strong, but invigorating water massage.

The translucent green sulphurous water is a pleasantly warm temperature of 38 degrees Celcius, and the square pool is deep enough to swim around or float in.

There are small changing rooms where you can put on your cozzie and showers to wash off the sulphuric waters. One word of warning, if you have blonde hair, or highlights or wearing a light-coloured bikini or swimsuit, you may find them slightly tinged with green from the sulphur – I know, I speak from experiencing both!

The private pool is to the south over a red wooden bridge. You can relax here, have a jacuzzi or a traditional massage or body scrub.

There is a restaurant serves a range of Western and Balinese dishes, should you want a bite to eat and several areas where you can sit in the dappled shade of the tropical trees and relax.

It costs around Rp 3,000 (20p) to buy a ticket to the Hot Springs and some small change for parking. Then you run the gauntlet of the stall holders offering t-shirts, dresses, gifts and souvenirs. If you are not interested a polite “No, thank you” normally is enough, but if you are interested, like always, some haggling is expected, and usually the shop at the end will offer you the lowest as they know you are about to leave!

If you can, visit Air Panas, is the morning as it can get busy with local people and tourist, particularly on weekends and national holidays.

Address: Air Panas Banjar, Jalan Banjar, Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali 80517, Indonesia
Opening Times: 8.30am - 5.30pm daily
Official Website: Banjar Hot Spring

Relax at the Air Panas, Banjur Hot Water Springs

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